Synthetic Oil VS Mineral Oil

Generally We believe Engine Oil mixed with two segments :-
1. Synthetic
2. Mineral

Its Actually Divided in to 3 Parts Such as :-
1. Synthetic Base
2. Semi_Synthetic Base
3. Mineral Base

The advantages of using synthetic motor oils includes better low- and high-temperature viscosity performance at service temperature extremes[9] better (higher) Viscosity Index and chemical and shear stability[11] This also helps in decreasing the loss due to evaporation. It serves resistance to oxidation, thermal breakdown, and oil sludge problems and extended drain intervals, with the environmental benefit of less used oil waste generated. It provides better lubrication during the time when extreme cold weather starts.The use of synthetic oils promise possibly a longer engine life with superior protection against “ash” and other deposit formation in engine hot spots (in particular in turbochargers and superchargers) for less oil burn-off and reduced chances of damaging oil passageway clogging. The performance of automobiles is improved as net increase in horsepower and torque due to less internal drag on engine. Moreover, it helps in improved fuel efficiency – from 1.8% to up to 5% has been documented in fleet tests. Researches suggest that synthetics performed about 47% better than regular oil.